Fiverr Review: Pros & Cons As a Buyer & As a Seller

Fiverr is the latest trend in the freelance industry. You can Make Money Online with Fiverr. Fiverr is selected through Upwork so that many people can work for as low as $ 5. Likewise, Freelancers are also moving to Fiverr because they are considered \”relatively easy\” options to perform Freelance tasks.
So is Fiverr a fraud? Is it worth hiring a freelancer at Fiverr? Is a freelancer worth the time to work at Fiverr? I have used Fiverr as a freelancer and client, so I am in the best position to answer this question. What is Fiverr?

Fiverr uses the name \” Fiverr\” because it is a freelance marketplace where you can buy and sell services for essentially $ 5. It has grown exponentially since it began operating in 2009. In an interview with Techcrunch, Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman insisted that the freelancing website completed more than 25 million transactions by date and that one-third of that has been in the last year.

How to register with Fiverr Unlike Upwork, Fiverr uses a single account system for both freelancers and buyers. Fiverr registration is simple and free. Anyone can register with Fiverr without a manual verification process.

Whether you are a freelancer (seller) or a customer (buyer), you can register for free by clicking the button below and clicking the Subscribe button. You can also see tips for Clean WP Database.

Fiverr Review

Fiverr, review now. Start with Fiverr\’s work.
How does Fiverr work?
In Fiverr, a freelancer can create a \”Gig\” in addition to a statement telling the customer about the services they provide for $ 5. Update: Fiverr no longer limits the default performance to $ 5. Freelancers can create gigs up to $ 995.
For example, a graphic designer can create a gigabit for a logo design with the title below.

I will design a nice logo.

Freelancers can also add a description of the scope of the service, the USP of the service, etc. to the description. The freelancer must also specify the time required to complete the performance. Freelancers can also provide Gig add-ons for additional work or fast delivery. In the example above, a freelancer can offer $ 5 or $ 10 more. Logo delivery day. They can offer clients additional logo designs at additional prices.
Provides clients with the option to select the exact package they want without having to select unnecessary items. Then search the various performances created by freelancers and select candidates that meet your needs. If necessary, you can request a freelance custom quote.
Before purchasing a Gig, the client must pay Fiverr the amount necessary to purchase the Gig. For damages up to $ 20, Fiverr charges an additional $ 1 for the service charge. For performances over $ 20, the amount is 5.
Especially if you buy a $ 5 show. I need to get 20 more for $ 6.
After making a payment and making a purchase, the client must respond to freelance questions and provide the necessary information to complete the job.

In the example above, this information includes the business name, logotype, color selection, and so on. When information is provided by the client, the transaction is initiated and the freelancer must complete the task within the specified time. Freelance client for review after completion of work. Depending on the terms of the transaction, the client can ask the freelancer to make the necessary changes.

  • Communication with Sellers
  • Services described
  • Purchased or recommended
This rating changes as follows:
If no changes are required, the client can display the job as done and evaluate the freelancer based on the following parameters: Other clients can help you to judge the quality of work provided by freelancers. Freelancers can also be evaluated on similar lines.
If the order is marked Complete, Fiverr will release the freelance payment after paying the fee. Fiverr will charge a 20 commission for each order. So a freelancer gets $ 4 for $ 5.
If the customer does not mark the order as complete within 3 days, the order will be automatically marked as complete on the system and the payment will be delivered, to the freelancer…

What types of items can Fiverr look for or create?

Freelancers can create almost any type of Gig, limited only by their creativity and the Fiverr Terms of Service. Mischief can be a simple technology, such as graphic design, animation, programming, SEO or naughty phone calls, fun video recording, advertising to someone in an ingenious way, or other simple yet creative things.

Below is an example of a non-technical Gig.

A man is wearing a fruit costume and carrying a message. Can you imagine selling this show 157 times? Also, check the order that represents the popularity of this game in the queue.
This shows that creative freelancers without skills can make good money for Fiverr. On the other hand, customers can find Fiverr\’s Gigs that are not found anywhere other than $ 5.

Fiverr level

There is a freelance-level system of Fiverr reviews by buyers as well as seller reviews to the buyer. The top level allows freelancers to create more gigs and provides more gigabits and gigahertz for each gigabit.

Level systems are helpful to buyers because higher-level freelancers are generally more reliable than lower-level freelancers. The various levels of Fiverr are:

New Grades

New Gradients Available
  • 7 Gig
  • 2 Gig Extras ($ 5, $ 10, $ 20)
  • 19659051] Reaching level 1
    • 19659046] More than 10 individual orders completed
    • More than 4 ratings
    • Low cancellation rate
    Benefits offered to level 1 seller
    • 15 active Giga
    • 4 gigabit (19659046) Level 2
      Criteria for reaching Level 2
      • Minimum of 50 orders for two consecutive months
      • 4.5 star maintenance (19659046) 5 Gigabit ($ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, $ 50)
      • 15 Doubles [19659049] Customer First Support

Top Rated Seller

Based on the top-rated seller
  • High Star Rating (19659046) 20 Gig Extras ($ 19659046) 20 Gig Extras (19659046) 20 Gig Extras (19659046) Gig Extras (19659046) Gig Extras 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, $ 50)
  • 15 Multiples [19659049] First Customer Support

Fiverr Processing Fee

The processing fee is on the higher side of Fiverr. The charge is either 2 or 1 dollar, whichever is higher. In other words, if you complete Gig instead of $ 5, you get $ 4 in Fiverr\’s 20-commission account.
In addition to processing fees, Fiverr will charge a withdrawal fee of either 2 or $ 1, whichever is lower.
Sellers are required to pay a service fee of $ 1 to a maximum of $ 20. For performances of $ 20 or more, the fee is 5 of the performance value.
So for the default Gig value of $ 5, the Seller pays $ 6 and the freelancer receives $ 4.

Is Fiverr a fraud?

Short answer: No, Fiverr is not a scam. However, a freelance registered with Fiverr can be a fraudster. This is especially true for freelance Web sites.
Every website has a dispute resolution system that handles disputes that the customer has determined. Some of these decisions are beneficial to the customer, while freelancers favor others.
Decisions to blame the wrong parties may be wrong. There may be cases where the decision is right, but people are not ready to accept it because it is still against their will.
All of this leads to negative reviews related to Fiverr. However, because there is a negative Fiverr review compared to other freelance websites, it represents the inefficiency of Fiverr support to solve the problem to satisfy both parties.
Also, many freelancers have violated its T & C conditions without giving Fiverr any details about the violation.
If prohibited, they can withdraw their earnings only after 90 days. Some freelancers even claim that they can not withdraw their earnings even after 90 days.
These complaints question Fiverr\’s credibility, but we can not ignore the fact that thousands are out of Fiverr. Complaints. I even sold Gigs to Fiverr and there was no problem with the payment.
Fiverr has problems with both clients and freelancers. It is unethical, but not fraudulent, to deny a reason, and not have the ability to ban freelancers or resolve disputes.

Advantages of Fiverr for freelance

1. Gigs is only $ 5, so it\’s easier to do freelance work as many people switch to Fiverr to complete basic tasks.
2. No technical skills are required to be sold by Fiverr. If you have creativity, you can make money with Fiverr.
3. You get paid to do what you want to do. So you can make money with fun.
4. Buyers from Fiverr are looking for you.
5. In most cases you will have more exposure compared to other freelance websites that need to search for buyers for your services.

The disadvantage of Fiverr as a freelance

1. You are not authorized to control the Giga you choose. When someone buys your goods, the system is automatically approved.
2. The Fiverr rating system is questionable. If you have purchased a lot of unrelated items wrongly, a negative rating may apply if you do not complete it. If you\’ve refunded the amount and asked the buyer to leave a positive rating, they will still appear on the canceled order.
3. If you are new to Fiverr\’s attempt to sell a popular Gig, your Gig will never be seen by the customer.
4. The commission commissioned by Fiverr is very high considering that most people buy $ 5
of 5 base transactions. In the event of any problem raised by the Buyer, you will be entitled to withdraw your payment only 14 days after the date on which Fiverr claims payment for security purposes.
6. Fiverr can ban you for no reason if you think you have violated your mood. This will hurt even the most reputable sellers who have worked hard to get a good rating on their accounts.

Benefits of Fiverr as a Buyer

1. If $ 5 is all your budget, you can get better service from Fuserr than Upwork or other Freelance websites. On this website, the quality of service you receive will be below the acceptable level of this price tag.
2. If you do not get a satisfactory result, you lose $ 5.
3. Fiverr offers a variety of products to choose from.

The disadvantage of Fiverr is that the buyer

1. If many sellers are not satisfied with the service, cash is returned to the buyer. Most buyers prefer refunds and leave positive feedback to the seller, earning high praise from non-profit sellers.
This will appear on the canceled order, but it is difficult to confirm if the order was canceled as previously discussed. It is due to the buyer\’s fault or the seller\’s fault.
2. Many people ask their friends to buy things, buy fake reviews, and offer 5-star ratings. This will make the rating system unreliable.

Final word

Every freelance website has advantages and disadvantages, and Fiverr is no exception. If you are a freelancer, there is nothing to lose by creating a Gig from Fiverr.
But if your idea is creative enough here are Easy Fiverr Gigs Ideas to Sell in 2020, you can earn much more than you ever imagined. There are many freelancers on Fiverr earning over $ 1 Lac per month.
However, buyers should be very cautious while choosing a Gig. There are risks associated with any freelance website or actual contract, but there are more risks in Fiverr. This is because you do not typically filter fraudulent sellers. On the positive side, it is about $ 5.
Freelancers did not lose much using Fiverr. As a buyer, you can hire a good freelancer at a very low cost if you can spend it with prudence. Overall, Fiverr is a place for freelancers and customers. Do you have any experience using Fiverr as a buyer or seller, good or bad? Share with us. Comment below.